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Wide Rail Clamp-On Deck Feeder Hangers

Wildbirdforge™ Wide Rail Clamp-on Deck Feeder Hangers easily attach to larger size deck and porch railings up to 3-3/4” in thickness. Our durable powder coated deck hangers are made from 1018 high grade 1/2”diameter solid steel round stock. Our heavy duty hangers will accommodate virtually any type of bird feeder, bird feeder accessories and hanging plants of your choosing. We have several styles and sizes of wide clamp-on hangers to suit your every need.
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Handcrafted American Workmanship.
$39.99 $49.95
Handcrafted American Workmanship.
$29.99 $35.95
Clamp-On Adjustable Platinum cap Swing Arm deck Hanger
$42.99 $54.95
Baluster and Picket Rail Mount Shepherd Hook Hanger
$43.99 $54.95
Handcrafted American Workmanship.
$44.99 $54.95
$49.99 $59.99