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Shepherd Staff Poles

Our wrought iron modular designed shepherd staff hook poles are manufactured in a variety of sizes to meet your application requirements with the backyard gardener and bird watcher in mind. You will be amazed by our product functionally, quality, and ease of installation. Each pole is powder coated with a beautiful semi-gloss black exterior grade baked-on finish that will look great in any setting. Our products are made in the USA.
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Handcrafted American Workmanship.
$45.99 $54.95
Stronger than most any hook that you'll find in the big box stores! Handcrafted American workmanship.
$49.99 $59.95
Handcrafted American Workmanship.
$37.99 $44.95
Handcrafted American Workmanship.
$7.99 $12.95
Double Hook Adjustable Shepherd Hook Hanger
$65.99 $79.99
Quad Arm Super Heavy Duty American Made Shepherd Hook Hanger.
$95.99 $119.99