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Bird Feeder & Bird House Poles

Wild Bird Forgeā„¢ bird feeder and bird house pole systems will accommodate most any type of bird house and bird feeder of your choosing. You will be amazed with the durability, functionality and how easy it is to install any of our bird pole systems. The poles also work very well with many different types of butterfly houses that are available on the market today. Please be sure to visit our complete product line of American made powder coated bird feeder and house pole systems.
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Handcrafted American Workmanship.
$7.99 $12.95
Handcrafted American Workmanship.
$36.99 $45.99
80" Heavy Duty Feeder Pole Set with Ground Socket
$49.99 $59.95
Handcrafted American Workmanship.
$59.99 $69.95
5 Piece Metal Feeder Pole Set With 3 Hangers
$69.99 $84.99
3 Section Heavy Duty Pole Set. 80" Tall and fits all Toppers
$35.99 $45.99
15" Ground Socket for 1" Pole
$12.99 $17.99
Twister Pole Anchor
$24.99 $32.99
Patio Base for 1" Poles
$63.99 $69.99
Decorative Basket and Pole Extender
$22.99 $29.99
Extended Reach Bird Feeder Hanger Pole Set
$74.99 $89.99