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Squirrel and Raccoon Chew Proof Baffles

We have many types of squirrel and raccoon steel baffles for virtually any application needed in deterring the pest from eating from your bird feeders. Our high quality steel baffles can't be chewed and destroyed by annoying pest. Our inventory includes overhead baffles, bird feeder pole baffles, 4 x 4 post baffles, and shepherd hook baffles to meet your needs.
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Dome Top Squirrel Cylindrical Baffle with Scalloped Edge
$24.99 $35.95
Dome Top Raccoon Cylindrical 4x4 Baffle with Scalloped Edge
$49.99 $59.95
Large Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle 18-1/2"
$34.99 $45.99
Pole Mount Disk Squirrel Baffle
$29.99 $35.95
4 x 4 Steel Disk Squirrel Baffle
$29.99 $35.95
Overhead Hanging Squirrel Baffle
$29.99 $34.99
Economy Galvanized Steel Squirrel Baffle that WORKS!
$18.99 $24.95
Copper Tint Pole Mount Disk Baffle
$32.99 $39.99
Copper Tint 4x4 Disk Baffle. Fits standard 4x4 post.
$32.99 $39.99
$32.99 $39.99